Monday, July 19, 2010

Women, do you feel Less attracted/feel More attracted to guys who dress more fashionably than you?

Yes, that dude is really hot!

Well, the initial attraction is based on appearance and how one carries himself. However, if the guy is a dumb a** then the attraction instantly vanishes the moment the guy opens his mouth.

On the other hand, even if a guy isn

What Is With This Girl? (10 Points)?

What Does This Girl Want? (10 points)?

There is this cute girl that I have been working with for a few weeks now. We started talking but sometimes she will walk by me without saying anything or just walk by me. Last Week at work we ran into each other and she said

What is the purpose of marriage?

Does marriage serve society? What is the value of lowering the divorce rate?

I read an answer which stated that the divorce rate is down becasuse less people are getting married and this person considers this a good thing. I thought that was stupid. Just because people are not getting married does not mean we are not having the same problems caused by divorce. Maybe more problems.
Yes, agree with you i think marriage is the best thing ever and without it many problems will show up

especially for children
Marriage is a safety net of commitment created by the society. These conditions of commitment are made my keeping a person

I need advice really really bad? :(?

okay so me and him were texting on aim and he wouldnt call me but i sent my friend my number so we could text but i sent him my number on accident and now hes mad at me and thinks i was sending my number to another guy so now hes calling me a liar and he signed off aim and hasent talk to me since :(
Sometimes people jump to conclusions quickly, you need to give him time to cool down, even if it means not speaking for a day or so. Don

How can a woman show a guy that he can trust her?

In my romance novel the hero has had his heart broken when his former girlfriend cheated on him so now he doesnt trust women. What can the heroine in my book do to prove to the hero that he can trust her?
There is really nothing that she can do or say to show him he can trust her.

Once his heart is broken, it will be permanently scared.

He will always have a defense mechanism built up inside him.

Even then it doesn

Do you think there is any value to waiting for marriage before having sex?

What are all the reasons why people should wait for marriage?
Much lower risk of catching an incurable viral disease which you will then spread to your spouse later

No risk of pregnancy and resultant bastard child thereby loosing a huge chunk of what you can commit to a marriage

Avoids sexually abusive behavior that will cause problems in your sexual relationship later in life

Keeps the most intimate physical act two people can do between the two spouses

These are all things that cannot be

Lots of people think I am really pretty even people who I don

If so many people think I am pretty (I don